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When is a Harvest Supper NOT a harvest Supper?


When it’s a quiz without the supper!

You probably know, by now, that we are not allowed to serve refreshments in Church under the Covid 19 Government guidelines. This requires some lateral thinking this year, as to our annual Harvest Supper. Normally we entertain ourselves with quiz questions, games and the like. We can still do this much, so we will arrange various activities, loosely described as a quiz. We will borrow some of the ideas from Richard Osman’s House of Games, Blockbusters, catchphrase and the like. We will not attempt anything as difficult as The Chase, let alone University Challenge!

It will all be a bit of fun. It won’t be competitive so if you’re good at trivia questions you won’t get the chance to show off because we will ALL BE WINNERS- so come and be one too. RAFFLE: Please donate a prize if you can, please. PICNIC: we are not allowed to serve refreshments, nor can we distribute cups, plates cutlery etc. You are welcome to bring a drink, but you will have to bring a cup or something to drink out of. If you bring something to eat, please avoid anything which makes crumbs which could hold saliva in the atmosphere so please no crisps, crumbly biscuits etc. (I will get Charlie a banana and possibly a ham sandwich, if he’s good.) Please remember to bring a plate or a picnic box even if you are not normally a messy eater. Bring your food and drink individually even if you are from the same household - we have to ignore Christian virtues like holding things in common and maintain the coronavirus virtues of keeping Covid secure!

(These are strange times indeed, but hopefully keeping going will add to the occasion. At least it will be memorable!)

6.00pm on Saturday October 10th in Blacklands Church.

Only £2.00 per ticket so let’s all have a good time together

Muriel Hill