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Welcome to Christ Church, Blacklands & St. Andrew, Laton Road, Hastings

This is a secular group attached to Christchurch Blacklands and St Andrew.

Membership of the group shall be open to all persons of 18 years and over irrespective of where they live.

The group meets on a Monday evening at 7:30 p.m., once a month between September and June for talks, demonstrations or social events, with occasional meetings and events at other times. New members are always welcome. Further details from the Secretary: 07759-911195 or carylann1066@aol.com

Funds raised by the group are used to support the Church.  

Annual subscriptions, £4.00, become due in September. We contribute £2.00 for each meeting we attend, which includes tea or coffee and biscuits.

We hope to be able to keep an archive of interesting items, such as presentations from talks or photographs of group activities. The first item last season was Charlie’s talk on Ecclesiastical Tat, the PowerPoint presentation from which you may find here.

Programme 2018-2019

The evening programme for this season is prepared and soon to be uploaded here.

The next meeting is on Monday 18th February for a talk by Malcolm Wilkie on Bee Keeping.

Previous meetings for the 201/72018 season have been:

18th September: AGM and Dingbats.

16th October: Sue Bobbins: Update on Rudyard Kipling the man

Monday 20th November: Quiz Night and Fish Supper

18th December: Loose Ends Untied with buffet supper

15th January: Jenny Price, Pestalozzi Village

19th February: Robin Gray/Paul Cabban on Twinning

Postponed 19th March: Paul Lendon: It's Good to Walk

16th April: Roy Calthorp: Battle of Hastings and the effect on England

21st May: Malcolm Pratt: A life in Education

18th June: Paul Cabban: Family History

Blacklands Parish Group